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Arrested While Visiting Vegas? Have An Unpaid Casino Marker? Hiring a Las Vegas Criminal Attorney?

Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorney

Powerful Representation for Las Vegas Criminal Charges

Not only is Las Vegas is the most populous city in Nevada, but the city is also internationally renowned for its gambling, shopping and fine dining. Over 36 million people visit the city every year, and this may be part of the reason as to why Sin City has one of the highest suicide and divorce rates in the United States. Until recent years, the crime rate was abnormally high as well.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) has been through many changes since its inception in 1973, and yet the Department has always been focused on making our city "the safest community in America". Since 2006, the LVMPD has cracked down on criminal activity, and reduced robbery throughout Vegas by 54.05%, homicide by 45.22% and auto theft occurrences by 65.51%. Over 13,000 crime scenes were processed by police officers in 2011, and those who were accused of crimes faced harsh prosecution. In light of law enforcement’s zealous mission to decrease crime rates, it is important to ensure your rights and interests are protected by retaining the representation of a skilled defense attorney.

Benefit of Enlisting an Experienced Las Vegas Criminal Lawyer

Our team at De Castroverde Law Group is dedicated to helping clients challenge the allegations brought against them and fight the penalties that can result from conviction for a misdemeanor or felony offense. Over 44,900 property crimes were committed in the city in 2011, and the most common offenses include theft, burglary and aggravated assault. Anything can happen in Vegas, and it is not uncommon for a local or tourist to make an unwise choice in a moment of weakness. Our dedicated team of Las Vegas criminal defense lawyers has assisted countless clients in challenging false or misplaced charges, and we know how to disarm the prosecution's case against you.

Unlike many other law firms, De Castroverde Law Group is made up of a family of Las Vegas criminal attorneys who offer a wealth of information regarding criminal law and effective defense strategies. We have been practicing law in Nevada since 1987, and we possess over 20 years of legal experience in local courtrooms. It is not uncommon for locals or tourists to be charged with serious drug offenses while enjoying the pleasures of Las Vegas. Whether you have been caught up in the difficult circumstances involved with prescription fraud or possession of an illegal or controlled substance like marijuana, we are here to help.

Protecting Your Reputation and Your Future

When charged with a criminal offense, one of the most important decisions you face is choosing the right attorney for your case. You need an aggressive advocate who has experience and knowledge in criminal defense because a skilled Las Vegas criminal defense attorney can ensure that your rights are protected throughout all of your proceedings. Criminal charges have very negative effects on your reputation, job, and relationships, and conviction will result in penalties that severely limit your personal freedoms. With so much at stake, you need to hire a criminal attorney in Las Vegas who can provide the dedication and effective counsel that is imperative to a strong defense.

Our Las Vegas criminal defense lawyers understand how a person's reputation can be impacted after being arrested for a crime. It is not uncommon for a night of drinking and partying with friends to result in a traffic ticket or an arrest for disorderly conduct or hit and run, especially in Vegas. You must keep in mind that you have rights, and protecting these may be key to avoiding conviction.

For example, understanding your rights may be the vital factor in an arrest for driving under the influence (DUI). Our DUI defense team employs a number of strategies to help residents of Nevada and out of state defendants fight DUI charges and avoid bench warrants, including examining the validity of BAC readings gathered through a breath or blood test and arguing the ability of a field sobriety test to truly assess a person's intoxication level.

Fighting Misdemeanor and Felony Allegations in Las Vegas, NV

Due to the high level of tourism, theft crimes are not limited to only burglary or robbery, but are prevalent in a variety of forms. Whether you face fraud charges for writing a bad check to pay a bill, I.D. theft, or shoplifting, our team can protect your civil rights and make sure that you have a powerful voice to fight these alleged offenses. With over 122 reported casinos in Vegas, these massive corporations have gained a powerful presence in the city. If you have been accused of knowingly signing a casino marker you could not repay, you will face oppression and strong prosecution without the help of a dedicated Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer.

We offer skilled defense for individuals contending with charges of kidnapping and allegations of assault and battery. Our team sorts through the facts to reveal the truth in cases of domestic violence and violent crimes, and we adamantly uphold our clients' innocence against wrongful charges. Though weapon offense convictions carry harsh penalties, seeking effective criminal defense can help you retain your freedom and ability to own weapons in the future.

With over 20 years of legal service in this exciting city, our talented Las Vegas defense lawyers have defended clients against a variety of sex crimes, ranging from charges of indecent exposure and lewd conduct to serious accusations of sexual assault. Sex crimes have increased 16% throughout Vegas since 2005, even though violent crimes have fallen throughout the city by over 15%. For this reason, police are quick to arrest individuals suspected of prostitution and solicitation. Keep in mind that you can fight these charges with the assistance of a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney in Las Vegas. If you are forced to contend with devastating allegations of date rape, we will provide you with the support and unyielding advocacy needed to refute these damaging charges and pursue vindication from any wrongdoing.

Arrested in Sin City? Contact our Las Vegas criminal attorneys!

Whether you were arrested while visiting Las Vegas or are currently the focus of a pre-file investigation by a law enforcement agency, the De Castroverde Law Group is prepared and determined to offer you effective legal defense. We are passionate about protecting the rights of defendants and helping them challenge criminal charges, because we believe that our clients deserve to have their voices heard and their freedoms upheld.

Our team is able to effectively litigate to obtain favorable verdicts for our clients, and we provide attentive and experienced legal guidance and support throughout their entire proceedings. If you are facing criminal charges in Clark County, enlist the representation of an aggressive and proficient defense firm to fight for your future. Call our offices, view our case results, and take advantage of our free case evaluation to discuss your legal options and learn how we can help!

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